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"My name is Jalen Walker, I am 19 years old and I run division 1 track at University of Maryland Eastern Shore. Last year (my freshman year) I had a hard time adjusting to the new workouts and college life in general but as I started to adjust I caught a sickness, the flu. I had been training hard since the beginning of August during cross country season all the way to the end of the indoor season and I was finally starting to progress forward when I got sick. I was about 155lbs at the time and once I got the flu I dropped all the way down to about 131, that was the lowest I got before I got better. The rest of the outdoor season I spent trying to gain back the weight I had lost while continuing to struggle at practices. By the time outdoor had ended I was around 140 lbs (what I weighed when I got to college) and I was about as strong/fast as I was when I entered college, maybe a tad bit weaker. I say all of this as a background of where I started before working with JP (Josh Pleasant). During the beginning of summer I found it hard to workout and get ready for the next season since I had lost so much weight and strength, to the point that I just didn't workout because I felt as if I wouldn't be able to get back to where I was. After about 2 weeks into summer my mom took it upon herself to find me a personal trainer and a place to workout, that trainer was JP at the Frederick Indoor Sports Center. Since I am an introvert I was pretty nervous at first. I had never worked with a personal trainer before but JP and the entire staff made me very comfortable the first day that I came in for testing. After that first day I told my mom that I wanted to start working with JP so I could get stronger again. I worked about every other day with JP, working on my start, extending my stride, proper weight lifting form, balance, explosiveness, etc. and everyday was hard; I would either end up on my knees or on the floor by the end of each session but everything I put in paid off in the end. I went from 141 lbs to 152lbs even though I took a 2 week break for vacation in-between our sessions. My start became more explosive and my stride length extended further than before. Working with JP reaffirmed my decision to become a physical trainer and work within the PT field. I honestly can't say enough about working with JP, he always pushed me, he made believe that I could do everything he asked of me, he taught me how to properly do exercises step by step, and more than anything he helped me reach my goals and pass them. I could say more but I've gotten pretty wordy already so I'll end it simply. Thank you JP and everyone at the sports center, I hope I can come back next summer and push myself even farther than before!"

Jalen Walker, Athlete

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"In late fall of 2015 we were introduced to Josh Pleasant (JP). I was signing my 10-year-old son up for indoor winter rec soccer. I was totally surprised to find out that soccer came with no practice only a game once a week. I was given Josh's office number by another staff member at FISC because I wanted an exercise component to work with soccer. I called him and during that conversation I told Josh I did not want my son laying on the couch playing video games all winter. I explained that he was a very talented and motivated athlete and being sedentary wasn't an option. JP in turn asked me how old my son was and when I told him 10 he laughed at me! We arranged for JP to meet Noah and after doing assessments on him, he realized Noah wasn't your average run of the mill 10-year-old athlete. Over the last few months, JP and Noah have bonded. Noah looks forward to working out with JP and his peers. Whether they are his age or are 7-10 years older than him, it doesn't matter, Noah is there accepting the challenge. JP is an amazing coach! He is always trying new things with Noah, and that alone keeps Noah coming back for more. Recently, for a few 2.5 hour sessions, he let Noah hang and work out with the big boys (older high school/college kids). It was amazing to watch him join the brotherhood with the older boys and get treated as an equal. Signing Noah up to work with JP was one of the best decisions Noah and I have ever made. Not only did my son meet a great guy (brother), but he also has met a wonderful role model that genuinely cares about him. We love you Josh and as long as you are at FISC Noah will be there, too."

Amy Bravo, Parent & Noah Bravo, Athlete

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"We have had the pleasure of getting to know Josh Pleasant as he has been working with our 9 year old son to train for football. My son came to Josh with many weaknesses and A LOT of work to do. Josh was amazing. He gave our son the confidence to stay strong and never give up. He helped him realize that you have to work hard to get better. Josh shows a true passion to improve each client’s athletic ability. He spends ample time with each client and does his best to give them the attention they need. Our son shared that he likes being able to get exercise during the training and that Josh really helps him when he had trouble with something such as chin-ups. Josh did everything he could to help our son become successful." 
Jen Mitchell, Parent


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"I strongly believe, I was fortunate to work with the best personal trainer in MD! If I could describe Josh Pleasant in one word. It would be hungry!  He is very eager to pursue excellence, not only in me as an athlete but as an individual. After several weeks of training with Josh, there was no doubt in my mind, he is determined  to reach success. I was able to build a relationship with him, sharing several attributes that we have in common. One of the many attributes he exemplified; I noticed that Josh is a very detail oriented person. Through his evaluation, he was able to critic and sharpen small areas of my game that gave me the confidence to continue to reach my full potential. Most importantly, throughout this experience, I was able to analyze Josh day in and day out. Every day he was committed to develop the best me possible and nothing less. His character and the way he carriers himself creates positive energy, which was contagious towards my workout and right then we developed a connection. Including every vigorous workout, I was enlightened  to hold myself accountable despite the circumstances and push myself beyond the limit. Each day was a grind and everything had a purpose behind it, which gave me the trust in Josh. Overtime, I was able to  expanded my knowledge on the fundamentals of strength and conditioning. I definitely would recommend Josh to anyone. I appreciate the time I  invested in Josh Pleasant and consider him a phenomenal leader, mentor, and hard worker!"

Joel Ross, current player for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and former Dallas Cowboy


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"I couldn't be more pleased and excited about our relationship with FIT. The dedication of trainers Josh Pleasant and Josh Kruhm to our players was fantastic.I have no doubts that their involvement with our team will be a real difference maker for our upcoming season."

Don Asmonga, President & U16AA Parent

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"The difference between our team and the others in the tournament was conditioning, you could see our enthusiasm, stamina and speed while the other teams we're huffing and doubled over at each whistle...especially in the last period. Aside from the obvious physical superiority we demonstrated over teh other teams, the conditioning gave our kids a sense of confidence and commraderie I haven't seen before."

Mike Jansen, U16AA Parent

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"I found the FIT training program fun and the trainers were excellent.  I recommend it to all of my Jr. Freeze teammates." Storm Vogel, player I was able to gain flexibility, improve my body control, and improve my footwork for combine testing and my football position. I was able to accomplish this because of JP’s unique coaching style. I thought his adaptive coaching style worked well. JP could relate to the type of training and mentality I needed to have to train."

Jose DePadua Jr., Athlete