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Unit 8 Infrared Sauna Studio Unit 8 Infrared Sauna Studio

A message from FISC Proud Sponsor Unit 8 Infrared Sauna Studio...
We offer 3-in-1 full spectrum therapy near, mid, far infrared sessions in your own private Sunlighten sauna suite and radiate with infrared heat. With chromotherapy and so sound therapy experience and listen to Pandora music. Increase core body temperature for a deep, detoxifying sweat. Infrared sauna is a natural healing through the infrared therapy and has the ability to penetrate human tissue to help aid with; Detoxification, pain relief, weight loss, skin purification, relaxation and much more. We also offer at Unit 8 Automatic Thermal Massage Bed.

Introductory special infrared sauna session offer 40 minutes for $15.00.

Introductory special offer for Automatic Thermal Massage Bed 37 minutes for $10.00.

One Wormans Mill CT.
Unit #8
Frederick MD. 21701
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