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Could your home, office or vehicle be making you sick? Chances are they might be. Today microorganisms like mold, bacteria’s, viruses, and allergens are mutating and becoming resistant to many disinfectants and are infecting our lives and dramatically effecting our health. Also, they can produce obnoxious odors. Symptoms that we sometimes dismiss, such as disrupted sleep, lack of energy, runny noses, coughing or sneezing and even depression, just to name a few, can be linked to the overall health of our personal environments. Once Bioactive Neutralizer treats any home or structure the results, while invisible are immediately evident. Odors are removed, even odors we have become nose blind too! And the invisible mold spores, allergens, bacteria’s and viruses have been disinfected and eliminated. Bioactive Neutralizer provides disinfection and odor elimination services to homes, childcare facilities, assisted living and other medical facilities, commercial buildings, Adventure Park USA, FISC, buses, and over fifty auto dealerships.

Worried? Skeptical? Don’t be! The disinfectant is non-toxic, completely biodegradable yet it produces a rapid kill over a broad spectrum of microorganisms. Doctors even refer patients to Bioactive Neutralizer! Bioactive uses sophisticated electrostatic spraying technology offering the highest efficacy.

For more information on Bioactive, please visit or call 301.305.5233.