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We offer 3 levels of competition. 

  • The "Premier" Division: Bring your "A" game. This is the highest level of competition. Top finishing teams will be offered prizes including t-shirt, coupons from sponsors and/or other valuable goods.
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  • The "Champions" Division: Recreational play with a competitive spirit is what this division is all about. Top finishing team will be offered prizes including: choice of t-shirt, coupons from sponsors and/or other valuable goods.
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  • The "Masters" Division: Nope, I'm not going to hang up my boots, ever! Players are required to overly embellish highlights of the match while enjoying specials in the Pork Is Good Stuff BBQ restaurant. 
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Choose a League

All teams must meet 10-player minimum. Team captains earn 100 points per session for managing a team, and ensuring that rosters are submitted by the deadline and confirming that the team meets the 10-player minimum. Teams MUST meet the required minimum number of paid players/spots, in order to be scheduled one week prior to the start of the session. NO EXCEPTIONS.

Each team is given one free "Player X" spot per session. Teams can purchase ONE additional" Player X" spot to create roster flexibility. Any paid “Player X” spot can be used to designate a player no later than the end of Week 6 for the Premier/Champions divisions. The free "Player X" cannot be used in playoff matches. The "Player X" spots are a great way to invite potential new players to play with your team to see if the player is a good fit without a permanent commitment.

Men's Divisions

  • Premier 18+             (Monday nights with overflow on Tuesday nights) 
  • Champions 30+       (Monday nights with overflow on Tuesday nights)
  • Champions 35+       (Wednesday nights)

Women's Divisions

  • Premier 18+            (Sunday afternoon/night) 
  • Champions 21+      (Sunday afternoon/night)
  • Masters 30+            (Sunday afternoon/night)

Coed Divisions

  • Premier 18+            (Thursday nights with overflow on Tuesday nights) 
  • Champions 18+      (Thursday nights with overflow on Tuesday nights) 
  • Champions             (Men over 30, Women over 25 on Friday nights) 
  • Masters                   (Men over 35, Women over 30 on Friday nights) 

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Want to Play? 

Step 1:  Get a FISC ID Card by visiting the FISC Welcome Desk. A FISC staff person is ready to help you start the process!

Step 2: Newcomers receive a free two-week play pass to connect with teams and find a good fit. We’re happy you chose FISC!

Step 3: Post an ad in the FISC Classified Ads. This is a great way to connect with other players. 

Step 4: Once you connect with a team, sign up and the session fee will be pro-rated. 

Money Saving Payment Plans!

FISC’s payment options are designed with you in mind! Pay As You Play, or Pay Monthly and save!

Pay as you Play Session Pricing:

Winter 1 (November-December) $99
Winter 2 (January-February) $99
Spring 1 (March-April) $99
Spring 2 (May-June) $95
Summer (July-August) $89
Fall (September-October) $95

FISC Exclusive Money Saving Monthly Plan (requires a 12 month commitment):

Limited Plan (1 team/session) $39.95/month (Savings of $96.60/yr)
VIP Plan (2 team/session) $64.95/month (Savings of $372.60/yr)
MVP Plan (3 teams/session)   $79.95/month (Savings of $768.60/yr)
Unlimited Plan (4 or more teams/session) $89.95/month (Savings of $1224.60/yr)

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FISC is a membership facility and all members are required to maintain a FISC ID card.
Get your card online (Youth : Adultor stop by the FISC Welcome Desk. A staff member will be happy to assist you!

FISC utilizes a Member ID system to manage the ¾ of a million annual visitors and patrons, who use the facility to participate in leagues, camps, clinics, events or fundraisers.


Call Sheldon Shealer, Adult League Coordinator, at 240-215-4115 if you have any questions or need help finding a team.