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Diversified Financial Mortgage

Diversified Financial Mortgage

A message from FISC Proud Sponsor Diversified Financial Mortgage...We are a full-service Mortgage Broker. We lend money to people so that they can realize their dream of home ownership.

We do almost every loan imaginable including FHA, VA, and USDA Government loans as well as Conventional 15 and 30 year financing. We also have “Limited Document” Loans for Self-Employed buyers and “Credit Event” Loans for people who have had a credit event in their past such as a Foreclosure, Short Sale, or a Bankruptcy regardless of the length of time since the event. We are capable of closing Government Loans with credit scores as low as 550.

With more than a dozen Investors to choose from I can find the right fit for almost any loan and I can shop directly with the Investor for the best rates on the market.

Diversified Financial. Making Home Ownership Possible.