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New Turf Installation!

Pure Play Turf @ FISC

FISC installed Pure Play Sports Turf on the north field, now called the Pure Play field.

The Pure Play Sports Turf is the latest innovation in non-infill turf fields and is only non-infill turf on market to be tested by Labosport and reaches FIFA Quality levels. Simply put, this means no more black rubber infill. 

“After an extensive search for the best turf options, we have found it! Pure Play is revolutionary because it requires no infill, like crumb rubber. Our athletes will notice a big difference," said FISC owners Tony “C” Checchia.

The investment in Pure Play turf marks a milestone in the FISC master plan. Since Checchia took over ownership of FISC, the facility has undergone a complete overhaul. Beginning with the renaming of the facility to the ambitious renovation and reorganization of the business, his goal has been to make FISC the best indoor sports, training and events center in the country.

“For years as a patron all I did was complain and lament the fact that the place has so much potential, but never seemed to be all it could be," Checchia said. "For the past six years, we have worked tirelessly and constantly to make changes. 

The ​ installation of the Pure Play turf really is a game changer in helping us provide a truly state-of-the-art playing field for our members."

FISC will be home to only the second Pure Play field in the U.S. The product is used by professional teams in Mexico and China. Click here to learn more about Pure Play