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ARMY, Proud FISC Sponsor!

A message from a new FISC Proud Sponsor:

The Experience of a Lifetime

If you’re looking for experience and a challenge, look no further than the U.S. Army or Army Reserve. Whether you serve in the active Army or choose to train near home in the Army Reserve – you’ll experience things that you never thought possible and go places most people only read about or see on TV. As a Soldier, you’ll become Army Strong and make a difference for yourself, your family and our Nation.

Success Starts with Strength

By meeting and successfully overcoming obstacles during relevant and challenging training, you’ll develop the mental, emotional and physical strength needed for success. A Successful future starts with solid training in one of more than 150 career options in the Army or 120 in the Army Reserve. After training, you’ll become a member of a strong team in an exciting Army career field. You’ll maximize your potential and gain the confidence, self-discipline and leadership skills that will help you in the Army and in the civilian sector.

Travel, Benefits & More

A chance for travel and adventure is a part of the Army package. As an Army Reserve Soldier, you can work just about any place in the United States or overseas. Army and Army Reserve Soldiers on active duty status earn 30 days of paid vacation each year!

Army Education

The Army values education. Whether you’re about to begin college or you’ve already taken some courses, the Army can help you continue your education.

As an active duty Soldier, you may qualify for money for college under the Montgomery GI Bill and an enlistment bonus of up to $40,000. Or you may qualify for up to $65,000 to pay back federally insured student loans in addition to the $40,000 bonus. Soldiers on active duty may also qualify for benefits under the Post 9/11 GI Bill. Benefits under the Post 9/11 are linked to time in service and may be transferable to dependents.

For any questions or to make an appointment to speak with an Army Recruiter please call (301) 662-1591.

U.S. Army Recruiting Center

3 Willowdale Dr. Frederick, MD 21702

Tel: (301) 662-1591 Fax: (30) 662-0727