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F.I.T. Performance Training

Fitness Training Fitness Training Fitness Training

Training On Professional Turf!

There's no better place for performance training!  Located in the heart of the Frederick Indoor Sports Center (FISC), the area’s elite 65,000 square foot indoor sports and events facility, F.I.T. is surrounded by exclusive features, including two 30 x 60 professional turf fields. The F.I.T. space is equipped with two additional turf tracks (30 yards and 40 yards), Dynamic Gladiator rig system, TRX stations, kettlebells, monkey bars, free weights, bikes, Rogue Fitness Dog Sled, plyometric boxes, ag tires, and an incline trainer and much more.  We know training on professional turf gives athletes an edge in their training, so F.I.T. programs are designed to include field training. This means members will train like the sport is played. The F.I.T. experience will be unlike any gym workout.

Choose customized programs including: personal training, small group training, team training and corporate wellness. Join Frederick Indoor Training (F.I.T.) and take the first step to reaching your health, sports and fitness goals. Check the FISC 411 frequently for the latest F.I.T. news and promotions. Visit the FISC Welcome Desk to obtain a FREE pass for a personal training session or F.I.T. class.

How Do I Get Started? 

Step 1.  Set Your Assessment

Meet with a F.I.T. Trainer. We offer many types of results based assessments including:

Athletic Performance Analysis – Scores how effective your current athletic ability is in your sport.  Highlights strengths and weaknesses and shows where improvement would best translate to your sport.

Injury Risk Assessment – Knee (including ACL), shoulder, hip, and ankle assessments to see if you are at risk for injury to a specific area.  Just as important for general population as it is for athletes!

Fat Burning Efficiency Testing – Analyzes how efficient you are at losing fat as it relates to an exercise program.  Test is based on a combination of movement effectiveness and conditioning capacity.  Results are used to pinpoint where we need to focus to better progress weight loss and toning.

AB PT – A workout based on our Assessment Based Programming and Training method.  All of our training and programming is built on a very strong foundation, grounded in testing and analysis, as it relates to the individual’s body and goals.  We have programs for individuals, small groups, and teams.

Step 2.  Choose The Program

We create comprehensive performance training programs for male and female athletes of all ages and fitness levels with focus on strength, speed, conditioning, and mental discipline.

Step 3.  Start Your Training

F.I.T. Trainers are always on the floor, helping you warm up, checking your form, answering questions, or motivating you to get that one more rep.  All of our athletes get the same level of focus and support.

Choose Your F.I.T. Program

FIT Professional Training 

One-on-one training and/or small group training. Receive a detailed performance analysis, injury risk assessment, and nutrition aid & tracking. Have your whole week planned--even your rest days!

FIT TEAM, Athletic Performance

Movement mechanics: improve changing of direction skills, proper loading/landing, efficient running form

Strength & power: able to effectively translate to sport, core strength, power through all planes, hip control/explosion, establishing glute dominance

Metabolic conditioning: development of energy systems, explosion under duress, system recovery

Youngsters Training (Ages 7-11)  

Our Youngsters Training program is designed to provide a fun, engaging, and highly beneficial introduction to elite training regimens.   This class helps create a foundation for a healthy lifestyle and solid work ethic habits to be carried into all aspects of life, not just sports.

Benefits of this program include:  boosting confidence, and self -awareness, increasing work capacity, and improving motor skills, flexibility, stability, mobility, core strength, body control skills, and speed and agility training.

Youth Performance Training  (Ages 11-14)

Our Youth Performance Training is designed to develop and improve athletic fundamentals for the rising middle school athletes. Athletes make major improvements in their ability to produce excellent results on the field of play and progress to higher levels of training for their high school careers.

Benefits of this program include: improving mobility and flexibility, speed and agility, functional strength, core strength, explosive movements (fundamental plyometric training), conditioning, footwork, and improving confidence, work ethic, goal setting, and accountability.

High School Performance Training  (Ages 14-18)

Our High School Performance Training is an advanced training program for young athletes which focuses on the fundamentals in speed, agility, strength and stability.  The goal of this program is to separate serious athletes from their competitors and build towards a future at the next level. 

Benefits of this program include: increasing power and explosiveness, improving core strength, sport specific mobility and stability, improving acceleration and speed, elite footwork and agility, increasing work capacity and conditioning, supreme confidence and readiness, and developing an understanding of performance nutrition and an insatiable, relentless work ethic.

College and Professional Performance Training  (Ages 18+)

Our College and Professional Performance Training is for elite athletes looking to further develop their talent and perform at the highest levels. Cutting edge training and techniques will be used in order to maximize athletic improvements and ensure career longevity. Athletes will be pushed to a new level of performance, as we tailor each workout to approach ceiling velocity, power, and strength.

Benefits of this program include: customized training programs, professional grade mobility and stability, harsh sports-specific conditioning, a deep understanding of body upkeep, and an appreciation and comprehension of professional-level preparation.

Adult Fitness Training (Men/Women Ages 14+)

Our Adult Fitness Training is for general population, athletes, military personnel, fitness enthusiasts, and beginners. Anyone who is physically able to workout can join this class. These intense fitness classes are always changing, so you will continue to be surprised for an awesome workout, which uses many of the latest techniques and modalities.  Enjoy a fun and upbeat workout,  as we strive to mold our bodies to match your goals.

Benefits of this class include: muscle toning, flexibility and mobility training, weight loss, HIIT training, weight lifting techniques, fundamental athletic movements, joint stabilization, core strength, fat burning, and nutrition consulting. 

FIT Corporate Wellness (up to 12 people)

Healthy Team = Productive Team

Let us build a customized, high impact wellness program that works for you and your employees. 

Introducing your employees to a healthier, active lifestyle generates success in all aspects of their lives.

Smart businesses share a similar mission for their employees, one where workers are encouraged to improve their health and fitness levels, increase their energy and productivity, and lower their healthcare spending.  F.I.T. programs can be tailored to meet the needs of your business. Let’s get started!

Benefits for employees:

  • Improve overall health
  • Reduce sick days
  • Increase productivity
  • Raise company morale
  • Strengthen employee/employer relations

Benefits for employers:

In a day and age where competition is fierce, don't you want your employees to be the best they can? Having a healthy, happy, productive front line can positively affect your bottom line. Your employees are your most important assets. Let F.I.T. help take your company to the next level by providing your employees the "blueprint" for success.

F.I.T. For FISC League Players

Frederick Indoor Sports Center (FISC) league members are eligible for an exclusive 15% discount on F.I.T. programs including:  1-on-1 personal training, small group (2-6) training or team training (8-14).

Since F.I.T. programs are trainer/coach supervised, we do not offer “open" memberships. FISC members receive 15% of F.I.T. programs designed and implemented by professional and qualified trainers small. Members are always welcome to come in and take advantage of the Member Open Field Training ("MOFT") time we offer on our two turf fields.


F.I.T. Programs Include Access To:

1. FISC turf fields: Enjoy access to exclusive FISC professional turf fields, during Member Open Field Training Time (MOFT).  Check with a F.I.T. Coach for schedule/availability.

2. FISC tenants/affiliates:   Frederick Soccer Supplies, ITNeedsHelp, Golden Knights Karate

3. FISC sports leagues: Soccer, Football, Lacrosse, Field Hockey, and Camps/Clinics

4. FISC events:  Birthday Celebrations, Field Rentals, Corporate Olympians (team building workshops), Charity & Fundraisers

5. Pork Is Good Stuff BBQ (P.I.G.S.)-Restaurant & Catering

Refer to and respect our General Policies.

F.I.T. Members Use The FISC ID Card

FISC ID Card:  $15 Youth  |  $25 Adult-Each F.I.T. member is issued a FISC ID card.  Since FISC is a membership facility, all patrons are required to maintain a valid FISC ID card. FISC utilizes a Member ID system to manage the ¾ of a million annual visitors and patrons, who use the facility to participate in leagues, camps, clinics, events or fundraisers. 

Call 240.215.4040 to speak with a F.I.T. representative and to receive information on current pricing and incentives. We look forward to hearing from you!

Check the FISC 411 frequently for the latest F.I.T. news and promotions.

F.I.T. is located off  North Market Street / Wormans Mill Ct. @ 1845 Brookfield Ct (across Rt. 26 from Clemson's Corner and Wegmans)
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