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Frederick Indoor Training (F.I.T.)

Train Like A Professional With A Professional!

Fitness Training Fitness Training Fitness Training

Elite Performance Training

You will not find another functional fitness gym like Frederick Indoor Training (F.I.T.) in this area. With the many choices for fitness training, we know the key is finding the program that is the right fit for you. We run year-round training programs for youth, high school, college and professional athletes in many sports. F.I.T. offers personal and small-group comprehensive training programs for clients of all fitness levels and goals.

We train truly great athletes, those with long careers and performances that fans talk about for generations. Get in the zone at F.I.T.!  That place where mind and body work in perfect unison and movements seem to flow without conscious effort.  Athletes dedicate their careers to the search for this elusive feeling.  F.I.T. programs prepare you for greatness!


F.I.T. Mission

It is our mission to empower athletes by improving physical and mental performance, providing elite level training, and instilling a never ending quest for improvement.


About the FISC ID Card

Each F.I.T. member is issued a complimentary FISC ID card. Since FISC is a membership facility, all patrons are required to maintain a valid FISC ID card. FISC utilizes a Member ID system to manage the ¾ of a million annual visitors and patrons, who use the facility to participate in leagues, camps, clinics, events or fundraisers. 

Call today to speak with a F.I.T. representative and let’s make your F.I.T. happen!  240.215.4040

Check the FISC 411 frequently for the latest F.I.T. news and promotions.

F.I.T. is located off North Market Street / Wormans Mill Ct. @ 1845 Brookfield Ct (across Rt. 26 from Clemson's Corner and Wegmans)
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