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FISCaroos (Ages 2-12)

New classes powered by

Ignite Sports!  

Because we want every child to have a chance to play the best games in the world, FISC offers an unmatched experience for young athletes:  low pricing, climate control, professional turf fields and qualified coaches.  Make FISC your home for YEAR-ROUND youth sports! 

Through an exclusive partnership with Ignite Kids Club, we have revamped our youth classes. Ignite programs feature fun and age appropriate developmental training for young players. Choose the session that's the best fit for your child!

Ignite Little Tykes Soccer (2-5 year-olds)

Ignite Soccer (6-8 year-olds)

Ignite Flag Football (5-12 year-olds)

Contact us directly, for more information:
Cindy Burke at 703.956.6060 or