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About Us / House Rules

Welcome To FISC!

We’re happy you’ve chosen to play at FISC. Please remember that FISC is a family-friendly facility, and that we work hard to create a wholesome and safe environment.
Here are a few things to keep in mind while you’re at “our house.”

  1. We’ve made food and beverages available for your enjoyment. Please don’t bring in outside food, beverages or coolers.
  2. This isn’t school--but there are kids here, and they’re actually paying attention. So please - no tobacco products, profanity or negative comments to officials, players, coaches or spectators.
  3. Bring it all to the field, but please no running, ball play or use of sports equipment anywhere else.
  4. No unattended youth under age 18 permitted on FISC campus. Unattended Youth Policy.
  5. We wouldn’t spit on your carpets. Please don’t spit on our fields! (Or anywhere but the restrooms).
  6. Be a role model—exhibit good sportsmanship at all times.
  7. Question: Can I chew gum, take food or drink stuff on the field? Answer: No, No and No.
  8. Renew. Reuse. Recycle. Or at least use the trash cans!
  9. No fighting. No excuses. 


To start your membership, get your FISC ID CARD: 

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Lost & Found Policy

Frederick Indoor Sports Center will now be donating all items left in the Lost and Found to

Goodwill® of Monocacy Valley the last Wednesday of every month.

About Goodwill®:

“Creating Hope, Jobs & Futures in our Community.”

Goodwill transforms donations into jobs and job training for hundreds of people in Frederick and Carroll counties each year. Each time you donate or shop at Goodwill, you are supporting training programs that help people with barriers to employment find jobs and become more self-sufficient. Goodwill offers innovative programs to meet the current needs of the workforce,  and believe that all people, regardless of situation, should have access to meaningful employment.

Refer to and respect our General Policies.

Observe and abide by decisions based on our Rules of Play.

These are generally accepted rules of the games, which have in some cases been modified by the FISC management (Hey - our house, our rules!)